Free webinar For Coaches, Hypnotherapists & NLPs
My Weird Client Attraction Method That I’ve Been Teaching New Coaches, Hypnotherapists & RTT To Smash $10K-$20K Every Single Month... That You Can Copy For FREE!
"Without clients complaining about price, seeing back to back clients, Facebook ads, funnels, Meetup groups or giving away free sessions" (EVER!)
* very limited seating - only 100 spots for each webinar we do... *


@ 1PM CST - Adelaide (South Australia) Time

Only 50 Spots

Very limited webinar...
What You Will Discover On This Free Coaching Webinar:
Step #1
"How to use my ’80/20  rule & overall transformation model' to be paid in full by your clients ($1500-$5500) without using paid ads, funnels or giving away free sessions ever again!" You can copy exactly how I use it.

Step #2
"How to use Facebook correctly to locate and attract the right clients directly to you and get more eyeballs on your amazing content that you can turn into paying customers on the spot" (even while you sleep)

Step #3
"How to set up my 3 step ‘client conversion machine’ that will turn away time wasters and tire-kickers so your time can be spent only talking to clients that are ready to commit."

** PLUS - HUGE Bonus: Just Show Up On The Webinar LIVE You'll Receive  A Personal $2000 Gift From Me That Has Already Changed The Lives Of 1000's Of Coaches... (What is it?) Youll Have To Wait Until The End!
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